EKK worldwide & Europe.

EKK worldwide & Europe.

EKK Eagle Industry Co., Ltd.

Our company was originally formed by the Mechanical Seal Division of NOK Corporation. This area became independent and under the name Nippon Sealol Co., Ltd. Spun off in 1964. Since 1978 the company operates under the name Eagle Industry Co., Ltd. (in short "EKK" for Eagle Kougyou Kabushiki-geisha, Japanese for "Eagle Industry Co. Ltd"). For almost half a century EKK has become a supplier of dynamic sealing, valve and control solutions. We have established ourselves as a producer of a comprehensive range of parts for land, sea and air vehicles. The parts manufactured by EKK are used in a wide range of mobility systems, mainly in automobiles, motorcycles, construction machinery, but also in tank and container ships, bulk carriers and other ocean-going vessels, as well as in ferries, coastal vessels, fishing vessels, rockets, jet engines. and propeller aircraft and helicopters. Regardless of the intended use, the common goal of all our products is to prevent fluids, gases or other fluids from escaping from rotating machinery during operation, while minimizing friction losses. That's why we can proudly say that we work with our customers to help protect the environment and save energy. We have developed an integrated manufacturing system that includes the entire process from materials research to production. This system incorporates both our high quality dynamic seals, power transmission components, valves and hydraulic elements, as well as our unique process and welding process processes that support the former manufacturing systems. Thanks to our technology, we are able to fully meet the relevant customer requirements. We convince with our expertise on rotating machine elements that operate at high speeds, temperatures and pressures. We want to constantly improve our technical skills to meet the ever more specialized and complex requirements of our customers. More information about the EKK Group worldwide can be found on our international website: http://www.ekkeagle.com/en.

Eagle Simrax

EKK Eagle Simrax was originally founded in 1969, and started its sealing production in 1976 at its current location in Kerkrade, The Netherlands.

EKK Eagle Industry produces high-quality sealing products and control solutions for a wide range of applications within the field of industry and the automotive sector. Other than seals, a variety of additional EKK products are distributed and/ or manufactured at the Dutch facility, such as pulsation diaphragm dampers, reed valves and floating seals.

For EKK Eagle Simrax to remain market leader we look closely at the European OEM and proactively innovate in order to anticipate future demands. We stay alert and help keep our sector innovative by investing in research and development.

With currently about 90 people we facilitate a yearly production of over 30 million seals assembled in a high-tech production facility. Today, the seals provided through EKK Eagle Simrax enjoy great confidence of our customers, be it OEM or Tier1 companies concerning automotive or construction machinery.

Eagle Actuator Components & Eagle Industry Hungary

EKK Eagle Actuator Components designs, develops, manufactures and distributes valves for gas vapor control solutions that are used in cars powered by internal combustion or power hybrid trains. The technology centre of Eagle Actuator Components is home to engineering, sales & administration, and is located in a brand new Research & Development Center in Heppenheim, Germany.

Since 2006 all products from EKK Eagle Actuator Components are manufactured in Hungary, at Eagle Industry Hungary. In the new and recently opened plant in Maglód around 100 employees are employed.

The first purge valves that our company is so famous for were developed back in the early 1980's. Because our product range is still focused on valve solutions for emission reduction and increased fuel efficiency, there is a lot of expertise, innovation and technology available.

Driven by the overall trend towards new power train concepts, and the resulting long-term transition from internal combustion engines (“ICE”) to electric vehicles (“EV”), the company set out to grow. From a niche player with focus on canister purge valves to a supplier with a comprehensive portfolio of actuating components for turbocharger and hybrid valve applications, it was a good step to take for EKK Eagle Actuator Components. Another thing that we have grown in is the integration of smart functions in our product, something that many of our customers value.

We are constantly deepening dialogue with OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers in order to develop tailor-made solutions, and would love to hear what you think.

NEW: we have a seperate website: www.ekkeagle.de

Eagle Industry France

EKK Eagle Industry France is an EKK subsidiary producing control valves for air conditioning compressors for the automotive industry. We mainly produce air-conditioner compressor control valves and Climate Control parts (CC).

Established in 1998, the company has a staff count of about 150 employees. Our customers are TIER1 compressor manufacturers based around the globe. Besides our European customers in countries such as France, Germany, Poland and Hungary, we also deliver to our customers based elsewhere in the world such as in The United States of America, Mexico and Brazil.

Not only do we produce Electronic Control Valves for market leading customers, but we also machine turning parts in-house.  We are able to deliver the best quality possible by continuing to improve, and invest in the future by expanding production capacity when necessary or by adding several new high-tech production lines to our facilities. This includes, for example, a designated assembly line for the production of a specific type of electric control valve and a machining line for the production of a specific, critical control valve component. But also things like an ultrasonic cleaning machine for the in-house machined components and additional visual inspection machines to detect any defect immediately after production.

Each year before March 1, companies with at least 50 employees must calculate and publish their Gender Equality Index on their website.
The Index, on 100 points, is calculated from 4 indicators:

  • The gender pay gap,
  • The difference in the distribution of individual increases,
  • The number of employees increased upon their return from maternity leave,
  • Parity among the 10 highest remunerations.

Find more information about Eagle Industry France here.

Eagle ABC Technology

Founded in 1955, EKK Eagle ABC Technology offers Global Solutions for production of electromagnetic subassemblies with coilwinding and plastic injection technologies.

Thanks to our team of 150 highly qualified and efficient colleagues, EKK Eagle ABC Technology is able to offer high-end and innovative technology. Making us a viable and proud member of. Being a part of EKK Eagle Industry Co., Ltd. means we are able to integrate every new type of cutting-edge technology in our production program.

The focus of our company is mainly on supplying Global Solutions composed of all in-house technologies and manufacturing processes. Thanks to a modern and constantly optimized machine park, EKK Eagle ABC Technology is able to create any exact or specific vision a customer might have in terms of technical specification and quality, as well as technological improvement.

EKK Eagle ABC Technology uses fully automatic production lines in order to optimize manufacturing processes and industrial efficiency. From design up to production, EKK Eagle ABC Technology builds its own automatic systems.