Procurement Policies.

Procurement Policies

We conduct procurement activities based on the following policies.

  1. We comply with laws, regulations and social norms.
  2. Based on free competition principles, we provide fair and equitable opportunities and select suppliers strictly.
  3. We respect mutual benefit based on the philosophy of mutual harmony and prosperity.
  4. We establish trustful relationships with our suppliers through open and transparent communication.
  5. We promote KAIZEN activities actively in cooperation with our suppliers.

CSR Procurement Guidelines

To fulfill corporate social responsibilities, we conduct procurement activities based on the following policies.

1.    Regulatory compliance

We comply with individual country's laws, regulations and social norms such as competition laws, trade laws and environmental laws.

2.    Respect for human rights

We do not do business with the operators who use illegal, forced or child labor force, or have problems of occupational safety and health.

3.    Safety

We give the highest priority to safety of customers and consumers, and procure goods of satisfactory safety.

4.    Green Procurement

Based on “NOK Group Green Procurement Guidelines”, we conduct procurement activities that give sufficient consideration to the global environment conservation.

5.    Maintaining Confidentiality

We do business with the suppliers who properly manage their customers', personal and technological information or other information gathered through transactions.

6.    Rejecting anti-social forces

We do not do business with gangs, gangsters, people related to a gang or any other anti-social forces.

7.    Response to conflict minerals

We work toward non-use of minerals or its derivatives that are sources of funding for armed groups acting inhumanely.

8.    Contribution to the local community

We contribute to local communities' development with aggressive procurement from local suppliers.

9.    Sharing consciousness

We work to make our “Charter of Corporate Behavior” and this “CSR Procurement Guidelines” shared and respected across our entire supply chain.

Request for suppliers

1.    Request for understanding our “Procurement Policies”

We consider that sharing the sense of CSR activities across our entire supply chain is important for us to fulfill corporate social responsibilities. We expect all suppliers to fully understand our “Procurement Policies” and to have business with respect for our “Charter of Corporate Behavior” and “CSR Procurement Guidelines”.

2.    Declining kindness from suppliers

We decline the following offers from suppliers.

  • We do not receive money, gift certificates, coupons, or any other gift items.
  • We do not procure products at special discount prices from suppliers.
  • We decline to participate in meals, golf competitions and so on, unless we have an agreement with suppliers beforehand.
  • We do not conduct stock trade based on suppliers’ internal information.
  • We do not receive any benefits or favors that are inappropriate under normal social conventions.