Sealing Technology
Sealing Technology.

The mechanical seal technology is a sum of mechanical engineering and physical property technology. More specifically, the core of the mechanical seal technology is the tribology (friction, wear and lubrication) technology used to control the surfaces where the stationary and rotary rings slide against each other.

Mechanical seals with improved functionality will not only prevent the liquid or gas handled by a machine from leaking to the outside, but also improve the operating efficiency of the machine, helping save energy and prevent environmental contamination. Moreover, in some cases rotating machines handle media that, in the case of leakage, can lead to a dangerous situation. Therefore mechanical seals need to be reliable through manufacturing backed by solid engineering expertise.

Eagle Industry works on product development, making the optimal use of our proprietary measurement and analysis technologies:

  • Analysis technology: Thermal and structural analyses of mechanical seal face materials.
  • Measurement technology: Micro-torque testing of small shaft seals, rotation and visualization testing of large shaft seals.

Pulsation Dampening.

Every day, EKK lives by the awareness that loyalty and partnership are our reason for existence. This has always fuelled our commitment to quality and innovation, in synergy with our automotive partners. Presently, we take pride in developing products focused on increasing fuel economy, reducing carbon footprint and enhancing the driver’s and passenger’s comfort at the same time.

One of our innovations is the Pulsation Damper: an ingenious device with great effect. Our challenge was to minimize pulsations of fuel supply inside high-pressure fuel pumps in direct injection fuel systems. These pulsations cause vibrations, result in noise and stress other system components.

Through fuel system behavioral analysis and trial we came up with a unique structure based on previously in-house applied process-technology and material know-how. A specially designed metal pressurized container is sealed by an internally developed welding technique. Based on these features the product is able to withstand the force of the pressure inside. The resulting combination of technical features was patented and so a lightweight but heavy-duty and durable product was born. 

The benefits are significant; maximum pulsation reduction with minimum vibration production, providing much higher level of comfort for the driver. Additionally, more consistency in the injected fuel amount resulting in a more stable combustion, thus lower emissions and higher fuel economy.

A clever design, due to its versatility; besides it being able to be installed directly in the fuel pump, with a minimum of redesign needed, we also offer an OEM or aftermarket solution; a version that can be easily installed in the fuel system after production.

Our patented Pulsation Damper offers not only more quietness to you as a driver, but also your car produces less environmental noise and CO2 which will be much appreciated by the world around you.