Product sheets.

Product sheets

Product sheets.

Automotive Industry

E-mobility solutions

 GlideX - EMS

 Glidex - RGS

 GlideX - WPS

 Fuel Cell Valve

 Carbon Bearing

 Power Transmission System


Water pump

 Compact Seal (CS) & Compact Seal Silent Sealing Torque (CS-SST)

 Compact Seal - Heavy Duty (CS-HD)

 Lip Seal High Pressure Sleeve (LS-HPS) & Lip Seal Mechanical Press Fit (LS-MPF)

Air-conditioning compressor

 AMS R744 - Airco mechanical seal

 AMS 28/40 - Airco mechanical seal

 ALS - Airco lip seal


Charging/Intake and Exhaust Systems

 Turbocharger actuators - Wastegate and VTG


Fuel Systems

 Pulsation Damper

 Fuel Tank Isolation Valve (FTIV)

 Canister Purge Valve (CPV)

Construction Industry

Suspension, Undercarriage & Brake

 Bladder Type Accumulator

 Diaphragm Type Accumulator MU

 Diaphragm Type Accumulator MUV

Minilator Type Accumulator

Piston Type Accumulator