Pulsation Dampers

This fluid damper is a small, durable and effective solution to reduce fluid pulsations in fuel lines. It can be implemented in any fluid line with minimal efforts or design changes in the vehicle delivering less emission and lower noise level.

Product photos


  • Metal capsule designed to absorb the pulsations of a high pressure fuel pump that is mounted on a fuel-efficient direct injection (DI) system.
  • Reduces noise caused by fuel pulsation and prevents instantaneous pressure drops.
  • EKK's proprietary techniques are used to weld thin sheets while filling with gas. (Patented manufacturing process)

EKK is able to dampen pressure pulsations which can cause noise and dynamic load conditions in fuel systems. This proven technology is already in use in high pressure fuel pumps. A wide range of standard products with different performance specifications are available for integration in high pressure fuel pumps.

EKK’s expertise with precision stamping and laser welding are highly visible in this product. The flexibility and variability of the design makes it possible to create a solution that fits to all NVH issues. EKK can also offer customized subassembly so the damper can easily be integrated in the high pressure pump or placed wherever necessary to dampen pulsations in the fuel system.

Product specifications




Filling Pressure              

0.6 max.


Dimensions: outside diameter (OD)

up to 45


Dimensions: Height (H)

up to 5


Note: The above figure shows some examples of the standard product range.
Due to in house knowledge and technology customer specific designs can be  produced according to the customer needs. Please contact us for more information.