A Sustainable future

Eagle Industry Co., Ltd. was established as a joint venture between NOK Corporation in Japan and Sealol in the United States in 1964. The firm has grown today into a global and public company with more than 100 subsidiaries and affiliates in Japan and overseas that manufacture mechanical seals and provide various services.

We aim to become an excellent mid-size company or a global integral company that is essential for all of our stakeholders as a solution provider of seal devices for automotive industry and wind-powered and hydraulic machinery in various industries.

In conducting business operations, we ensure that all employees in every corner of the company understand and observe our belief that a company is the property of its shareholders, employees, and community.

Specifically, we regard the following activities as the top priority in our business: thorough implementation of compliance that places priority on observing various regulations, rules, and laws; environment-friendly operations from the standpoint of natural conservation; active contribution to environment preservation; strict management on occupational safety; and efforts to maintain the quality of our products.

We believe that ensuring all parties understand and observe the above activities will make the company function as a good corporate citizen in society, help our employees feel proud of the company and develop a sincere attitude toward their jobs, ensure the company earns customers' trust for its higher quality of work, and consequently enable the company to secure fair profits.

For these reasons, we will never sacrifice long-term profit for short-term gain nor provide products and services that could damage the environment, do not satisfy our quality requirements, or fail to live up to supply obligations, even if they are very profitable.

In other words, even if management is replaced and employees come and go, Eagle Industry will indefinitely continue to be a company that all of its stakeholders can be proud of and will help realize a better society by remaining a good company. This is our group's wish or our concepts of CSR and Sustainability.

We would be grateful to receive your frank opinion and comments.

Tetsuji Tsuru,

Representative Director and President of Eagle Industry Co., Ltd.

Risk Management Policy

Basic Philosophy

Eagle Industry Co., Ltd. and affiliated companies know that a corporation is a property of shareholders, employees and the community, and therefore should strive to become a corporation that all parties can be proud of.

We make continuous efforts to be a strong company with high profitability by providing products that contribute to the society. Based upon the compliance, we have established a risk management system and are making every effort to fulfill our social responsibilities as a corporation.



  1. We will make every effort to increase our value to society as a whole by providing quality products and services.
  2. We will identify risks and strive to preserve our employees’ health and safety, as well as business resources.
  3. In the event of a crises, we will work to minimize damage and ensure apt recovery.
  4. We will identify the risks to stakeholders concerned and make every effort to preserve the safety, health, and profits of these parties.
  5. If it becomes evident could be a risk, we will act responsibly with respect to all stakeholders concerned.
  6. We will reflect the risk related demands of society (changes in laws, social values, etc.) into our risk management system.

Quality Control System

We have acquired various international quality standards and certifications, such as ISO TS 16949 for promoting quality improvement activities, since we regard securing the quality of our products and services as the most important matter for enhancing the credibility and continuity of our business.

In addition, we have actively initiated quality improvement activities at each production site to raise customers' satisfaction by precisely meeting users' needs.

To view the certificates per production plant, please click here.


Environment, Health and Safety

Safety and Health Policy

In accordance with its management principle Eagle Industry Co., Ltd. and its affiliated companies shall fulfill its social responsibility by regarding compliance as the very basis of its actions. EKK strives to be a company that grows continuously with the participation of its employees by providing products that contribute to prosperity of society.

With this principal in mind we establish our health and safety management system, and promote occupational safety and health activities to realize a workplace where no accidents occur and our employees can work comfortably with a sense of fulfillment.

  1. With the participation and cooperation of all employees, we will accurately identify and evaluate sources of danger in our business activities to reduce risk factors.
  2. EKK will set targets for our occupational safety and health activities to raise performance through continuous improvement. We will obey laws, regulations and other requirements of groups that we belong to within the automotive industry.
  3. Recognizing that good communication helps secure safety, health and wellness, we will respect and encourage active discussions and consultations between employees and management in the workplaces.
  4. EKK will provide the education and training necessary to secure safety, health and wellness. EKK ensures that all employees understand the importance of safety, health and wellness and will try to raise awareness for these topics.

Environmental Management System

We know that that all companies, including EKK, are a part of society, and therefore have an obligation towards said society and the environment as a whole. Seal products can contribute to the environment by preventing pollution and saving energy. Eagle Industry Co., Ltd. and its affiliated companies shall be aware that our activities, products, and services are deeply associated with the global environment.

By setting Compliance as the basis of our corporate activities, we pursue the preservation of the global environment voluntarily and continuously. There are several concrete ways that EKK does this;

  1. In the development of products we will keep in mind how they will affect the environment.
  2. EKK will strive to save resources and energy.
  3. EKK will endeavor to reduce the amount of industrial waste and promote recycling.
  4. EKK will make continual efforts to improve environmental effects and prevent pollution.
  5. EKK will comply with laws, local acts, and other regulations such as industry guidelines that are related to the environment.
  6. EKK will set environmental objectives and a goal, review them at appropriate intervals, and strive to improve our performance in preserving the environment.