Dennis van Well, president of Eagle Simrax

Dennis van Well

Dennis van Well is the new chairman of RAI Automotive Industry NL

Dennis van Well, President of Eagle Simrax, is the new Chairman of the Board of the Automotive Branch Association RAI Automotive Industry NL in the Netherlands.

RAI Automotive Industry NL is the leading authority in Dutch automotive manufacturing and supply chain industry, focusing on global automotive and mobility solutions by joining forces with industry members and stakeholders. The association also acts as a catalyst in the fields of innovation and education.

Eagle Simrax has been a member of RAI Automotive Industry NL since 2015. Next to being president of Eagle Simrax Dennis has already been active within RAI Automotive Industry for the past years.

“I feel honored to have been approached by RAI Vereniging as chairman of RAI Automotive Industry NL. Before the merger (2019) I was involved in Automotive Industry. After the merger it was agreed to rotate the chairman every 2 years. Rotation is good for the section and also I was ready for something new. The automotive industry is currently undergoing exciting developments in a dynamic environment and I like a change of pace. This is the right time for me to make the step to chairman of the board.”