Power Transmission System

A highly efficient and robust power transmission system that consists out of an optimally sized brush module and a smart slip ring module that creates optimal assembly conditions at minimal power losses.


Unlocking Efficiency: The Future of power transmission

As rare earth material prices fluctuate, the industry seeks innovative alternatives to the widely used permanent magnet synchronous motor. The external excited synchronous motor (EESM) shows an affordable, efficient and sustainable alternative, which gains popularity.

In this motor type, current flows from the inverter to rotor coils via a brush and slip ring system. Our focus is minimizing power consumption, optimizing space, and ensuring a durable and robust system. Materials, design, and dynamic sealing play pivotal roles in achieving this ideal system.

At Eagle Simrax, our expertise in tribology and automotive systems has led us to create a robust power transmission solution. Our optimally sized brush module, paired with a smart slip ring module, ensures optimal assembly and best in class performance. And with our GlideX-RGS sealing technology, we offer the perfect package; low friction, dust resistance, and oil resilience.

Product specifications

  • Optimal packaging and performance
  • Highest efficiency together with GlideX sealing technology
  • Maximum reliability at a large speed range
  • Fit for fast charge voltage levels (800 / 1000V)
  • Problem free system of power transmission and sealing